My Cell Phone Leash 
"Don't lose it - Leash It"
Let's face it, everyone has a cell phone today - from small kids to senior citizens. All of us are prone to dropping or misplacing our cell phones or hand held devices now and then. Statistics show millions of us have either damaged, lost or had them stolen last year alone. Then this unique sturdy retractable HOT NEW PRODUCT,"My Cell Phone Leash"  is for you. 

Get Leashed Today!!  Everyone is doing it!!
"My Cell Phone Leash" Mission:

is to have all cell phone users not have to be concerned again about losing your phone/hand held device.  The cost of replacement is only part of the problem. What about your lost personal and client data, songs, pics, videos and all your valuable contents that can't be replaced? 

                  What is that worth to you?

the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about those things ever again

                 I Money Back Guarantee It!!


A sturdy, retractable and secure way to keep your cell phone/hand held device safe from damage due to dropping, misplacing or having it stolen.

It's unique design offers a reinforced nylon cord/chain combination that is extremely strong and stylish. The chain doubles as a handle for retrieving your cell phone from a woman's purse, a man's pocket or a child's backpack without having to search or fumble for it. Just pull the chain and out it comes.

It attaches to any cell phone/hand held device directly with nylon cord or with specially designed (non-permanent} clear 3M adhesive mount or new IPHone Clip and connects to your clothes, purse or backpack with an unbreakable metal caribiner clasp.
"My Cell Phone Leash" works with IPODS, PDA's and MP3 Players too!!!
#1Retractable Cell PhoneLeash!!!
 A small price to pay for peace of mind!
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Now compatible with IPhones!!
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